Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well, it's definitely taking some time to adjust to cloth diapers. I do have to change the diapers more frequently than I did with sposies, and that's taking some getting used to. We've had several compression leaks simply because of not changing the diapers in time. And I still put the kids in disposable diapers at night. But overall, things are going well. I am slowly adjusting to the cloth, and having to change the diapers more often. I also figured out a slightly better way to put on Thomas' fleece cover to make sure it doesn't leak out the front and get the waistband of his pants all wet (that was a problem for a while).

I made a new diaper today, my first since before Audrey was born. I found a small scrap of tie-dye fabric that I thought would make a really cute newborn fitted, so I cut it out and sewed it up this morning. I think it's one of the cutest diapers I've made so far! Definitely the most colorful.

I am in the process of making another diaper for her, using a scrap of blue and white striped fabric. It's fun to use scraps, I can make cute and useful diapers for practically free!

I'm also planning on making a few new covers for Thomas. We're almost out of disposable diapers to put on him at night, and I don't want to buy another box. So I'm going to experiment making a nighttime cover. I want it to be similar to the Rita's Rump covers that we already have, but with a couple changes - I'll make it larger so that it will cover a double- or triple-stuffed pocket, and I want to try it with fleece on the inside and tablecloth fabric on the outside. I have a tablecloth that we no longer use and it's water repellent. I'll make one cover and see how it holds up. If it works well, I'll make a few more and we can start putting Thomas in cloth overnight. I hope it works!

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