Sunday, December 6, 2009

The kids are in cloth!

I put Thomas and Audrey in cloth for the first time yesterday. It went so well! Both kids initiated their first cloth with poopies, and the diapers held up just fine. I am in awe of the fleece covers - even when the diapers were soaked through, the fleece wasn't even wet, and you couldn't even smell anything on them! Hooray!

Thomas did have one leak in the evening, we didn't change him soon enough and he got a compression leak through the fleece. But as long as we change the diapers in a timely manner, they work perfectly.

Too nervous to go all night in cloth, we put them back in disposable for overnight. But as I get my confidence up, we'll start CDing at night as well. I have them back in their cute little cloth diapers this morning, and am looking forward to another day of watching all my hard work in action!

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