Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cute Girly Diapers

Here are the pocket diapers I've made so far with the flannel from my mom. The pink flowery one was extra fun to make - the fabric was in three strips, and all three were too small to make a diaper with. But I loved the fabric, so I sewed the strips together into one big piece, and cut the pattern out of that! It worked great, and the diaper turned out super cute. It's awesome that these diapers are one-size, because they fit Audrey right now with the back folded down, and they'll keep fitting her all the way until she potty trains (this is the same pattern I used for the diapers that Thomas wears, and he's 2).

Still haven't stripped the fabric softener from the rest of the flannel, we had a busy day today. I'll do it soon though, and then I get to sew some more! :-)

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