Thursday, December 3, 2009

Almost Go Time!

Audrey was born this past Saturday, and I'm so excited to get to put her in cloth diapers! I finally got up the energy to start getting the diapers prepped. Since I made them out of thrift store sheets, some of them had been washed with fabric softener, which makes them repel water instead of absorbing it. So I went through all the diapers with a little water bottle (okay, to tell the truth it was my peri-bottle...) to see which ones were repelling water, and they are in the washing machine now. Gonna run them through a couple times to see if that will get the softener out. If that doesn't work, I'll try a load with some Dawn dish soap or vinegar. Just whatever it takes to get these babies to soak up the pee!

I'm waiting to CD Audrey until her cord stump falls off. But I can put Thomas in cloth as soon as all the diapers are ready. I'm nervous to get started, but also just super excited that I can finally use all these diapers that I've made.

I need to make lots more wipes. We have a few more packages of disposable wet wipes that we can use for now, but I want to switch to cloth as soon as I have enough wipes for the two of them.

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