Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nighttime cover

I made a new diaper cover for Thomas today (I'll take pictures later and post them, I like how it turned out). I want to start having him wear cloth overnight, and needed a special cover for that. I made this one bigger, so I can stuff the pocket diaper more, and with an extra layer in the wet zone for added protection. He's wearing it tonight with a super-stuffed RRP. We'll see how it holds up to his nighttime wetting. If it worked I'll make another one the same way. If not, I'll try something else.

I really want to be able to have the kids in cloth full time, including at night. For Thomas that means super absorbency. For Audrey, that means more diapers - I only have 14 newborn fitteds (including one I just made today), and the prefolds don't really fit her very well yet. So I'd like to make several more fitted diapers for her so that I can have her in cloth all the time without having to wash every day.

We did make some progress today as my confidence in my cloth diapers increases - we went shopping and I left both Thomas and Audrey in cloth instead of changing them to disposables. The diapers held up well, no leaks or anything. I'll start having them wear cloth on our outtings more often.

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