Monday, January 11, 2010

Monkey dipe!

My aunt Karen recently brought over a bunch of fleece and flannel scraps (yay for more free fabric!) and they're so cute! I had to make a diaper out of this monkey fabric right away, just couldn't resist.



Folded up:

I didn't notice until after the diaper was made that all the monkeys end up upside down when it's folded. Oh well, it's super cute anyway.

Can't wait to make diapers with the other fun fabrics (think Suzy's Zoo, giraffes, Winnie the Pooh, lady bugs).


Karen said...

You are amazing! I just love all the cute dipes. I feel like I really missed out30 years ago. What fun!!

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

Wow you do a great job momma

Michelle said...

No, you did it on purpose, so that when munchkin is looking at her belly button, she sess monkeys grinning back at her!