Thursday, January 7, 2010

A whole slew of new dipes

Seven new diapers! I'm having so much fun sewing up new diapers with all the fun flannel that my mom gave me. And I still have plenty left to make even more diapers!

I just did the diaper laundry this morning, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to take a picture while I had most of my stash clean. So here's a bunch of RRPs and the flat diapers I stuff them with. This isn't all of them, but you get the idea. :-)

I also added it all up, and discovered that I have 45 RRPs total. And I'm still itching to make more...


klb said...

hi. i just wanted to thank you for posting your diapers. I am an expecting FTM, and plan on using the RRP pattern also.
I have a few questions: You're using only 2 layers of flannel and then the flat stuffed inside, correct? How is the absorbancy on your newborn? Could you tell me about how many you go through each day?
Thank you in advance. I'm just trying to figure this all out before the baby arrives and I remember that I you had quite a few already sewn before your daughter's birth.

Stephanie said...

Yes, two layers of flannel, stuffed with a folded up flat. I didn't use these on Audrey until she was a few weeks old, they would have been very bulky. But now she's 6 weeks and wearing RRPs exclusively. I just fold down the back so it fits.

They are pretty good for absorbency, I change every couple of hours. Though at night I stuff them with a quality prefold (I think they're Little Lion brand), so she can last for several hours.

Let's see, how many per day... Right at first she would go through about a dozen I think. She uses less now (mostly because the RRPs are more absorbent than the newborn dipes I sewed). I really have enough diapers at this point to only have to do laundry every three or four days, even diapering two kids. I just keep making more because it's fun and they're cute!

klb said...

thx so much for responding!

Michelle said...

How do you stuff it with a flat diaper? Just fold in 3rds and lay it in there?

I sooo do not have time for all the sewing involved, even though you almost have me wanting to make some, but I'm very curious.