Sunday, January 10, 2010

Changing cloth diapers

Just wanted to do a little happy post. I love changing Audrey's diaper. Not just because the diapers are really cute and it's fun to see my homemade diapers in action, but I love seeing how much she likes it. When I put on her clean, soft, new diaper, she always does this happy little grunting noise, and wiggles around cheerfully. The other kids never did anything like that when I put them in disposables, a diaper change was just a diaper change. With these cloth diapers, diaper changes are actually more of a bonding experience. I'm glad to know that Audrey really likes her soft, comfy cloth diapers.

Yes, I'm weird. I'm okay with it.


Janelle said...

I think that's really cute that you're bonding with her during a diaper change. i've changed thomas's so i know what you're talking about with him. Does he enjoy diaper changes now?

Stephanie said...

I think to him it's still just a diaper change. He still giggles and runs away when he sees me coming at him with a clean diaper and cover.

Janelle said...

Hahaha that's funny